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Contract BasiX Videos

The Contract BasiX and Contract BasiX2 set of videos were developed with the aim of providing a practical and entertaining view of the basic principles of Contracts for non-lawyers.

They are aimed at giving the Engineer, Project Manager, Consultant, Architect, Tradesman or anybody else that may have been thrown in the deep end in their work and suddenly having to deal with tenders and managing contracts ... or even having to manage of team of people that deal with contracts in the business.

Contracts are a fundamental part of our everyday personal lives as well as business lives. It is important to have enough knowledge of the basic principles of contracts to allow their day to day management and the ability to identify any associated problems at an early stage and to engage appropriate advice.

The content of the videos by way of contract principles, examples and case studies is an accumulation of over thirty years of practical experience from the author (me) around projects, contracts and law.

Contract BasiX generically takes a look at the Essential Elements of Contracts and their formation as well as some general myths.

Contract BasiX2 gets more into contract terminology, exploring Breach, Damages, Liquidated Damages, Time of the Essence, Indemnities, Limitations of Liability, Insurance and much more, as well as a case study to put things into perspective. The Topics, examples and case studies revolve around the experience gained in engineering, consulting and construction type contracts and are sure to bolster the knowledge for anyone who is associated with contracts in those or similar industries.

If you, or people that you work with, are in the position of needing to have a practical understanding of contracts at a good pace and in a medium that is fun and easy to watch, where you can just rewind and go back over topics and have the flexibility of learning at times when it suits you .... then these videos ideal.

I sincerely believe that the learning that you will have via these videos will, dare I say it, change your lives in relation to contracts. You will be given more insight into contracts by these videos (nearly 4 hours) than you would have had in 20 years of experience on the ground. The 'making a difference' motto that I use for my iClaude Consulting business bears no truer connection than with what I have written and produced to share in these videos.

The Trailers and Contents videos provide a summary of all that is covered in the training, as well as giving you a good idea of the presentation in all the videos ... animation, music, actors, sound effects, stories and some humour are all intended to provide a learning experience that is contemporary and effective.

We all remember so much when we watch a movie, a TV program or a commercial ... you can learn about contracts the same way ... Learning doesn't have to be dry or boring.!!

I leave the decision in your capable hands. Please don't hesitate to email for any further information, including acquiring the videos for corporate use.



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