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iClaude Consulting  provides advisory services and training in tendering, negotiation, execution and administration of Engineering, Consulting, Equipment Supply and Construction Contracts in many business streams, including Power, Water, Infrastructure, Hydrocarbons, Transport and Building, as well the establishment of associated policies and procedures for Businesses to control the process and mitigate related risks.

Our Services include:

  • Contract Terms Review
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Establishment of Policy and Procedures
  • Contracts 101 Training
  • Design of Intranet Pages
  • Standard Contract Documents
  • Insurance Portfolios
  • Claims and Disputes
  • Analysis and Solutions

Services ... in more detail

Contract Terms Review

We recognize and appreciate that your company’s focus is on winning business. We can review prospective Contracts for you and identify areas that fall outside the parameters that you have set in relation to risks that your business is prepared to accept and any other areas that may be of concern.

We take a pragmatic view of the risks on issues that bear relevance and are likely to have effect in relation to your business and the services you are providing under the contract.

Whilst the decision on the approach with any terms will always be with your Business, we can also provide guidance on strategic approaches with terms and conditions for prospective Clients or Subcontractors that will allow a favourable result.


Contract Negotiations

We can assist in the negotiation of any terms of Contracts.

 Our experience in negotiation with many Companies and Government Departments will provide background to the sort of reasoning for amendments that may yield success in negotiations.


Establishing Policies and Procedures

We can work with you to establish Policies and Procedures for your business that can assist to control the risks associated with Contracts.

Our experience with the establishment and maintenance of Policies and Procedures in many businesses will allow us to tailor systems to suit your Business.


Contracts 101 Training

One of the services that we are proud to provide is a Contracts 101 Seminar that delivers a sound explanation of Contract fundamentals that will equip attendees with a practical knowledge of the principles relating to the formation of Contracts and an overview of some of the basic terms that are common in all Contracts.

More importantly, the seminar can be tailored with relevance and reference to the related Policies and Procedures that your Business has in place and the risk profile that it wants to adopt.

Contracts affect all of us both at work and at home, so attendees will benefit from this knowledge in their personal lives as well as the added value that it will provide to the Business.


Design of Intranet Pages

It is important to provide easy access to Policies, Procedures and other information and documents that relate to tendering and the formation of Contracts.

We can assist in the development of intranet content that will provide valuable tools for officers in your Business to efficiently undertake related tasks.


Standard Contract Documents

We can assist in the establishment of standard suites of terms and conditions of sale for your services where you are not subjected to adopting your Client’s terms.

 We can also assist in the establishment of standard terms for the procurement of goods or services from suppliers and subcontractors.


Insurance Portfolios

Our experience with managing insurance portfolios, addressing claims under policies and dealings with insurers and brokers may provide.


Claims and Disputes

We certainly have the experience to assist both in the preparation or defence of any claims and any negotiations.

Our services come with a certain level of qualifications and knowledge of the law in relation to Contracts as well as the experience to identify the various ‘hot spots’ that need attention. This can represent a considerable saving to you Business on costs of the engagement of alternate service providers.

However, we are also associated with some of the major and specialist law firms to ensure that any matters that require the intervention of lawyers, particularly in the areas of claims and disputes, are identified at the earliest to ensure the best results.


Analysis and Solutions

We work with you to understand your business and then look at filling the gaps that we identify with you allowing you to run Contracts in your Company within the parameters that you want.

 We use the iClaude Consulting Model on this page to assess any gaps and to put in place the appropriate solution.

 The following points may help to identify areas where we may be able to assist:

  • Your Business has clear and documented Policies in relation to risk that it wants to accept in doing business via its Contracts with its Clients and its Suppliers and Subcontractors.
  • Policies are established and reviewed periodically with due consideration to economic climate, commercially acceptable risks and risk mitigation it has available via insurance (or self-insurance).
  • Officers and Employees of your Business are all aware of these Policies.
  • Procedures are in place to ensure that prospective Contracts with Clients are reviewed in consideration of the Policies before a tender is submitted.
  • Procedures ensure that a tender cannot be submitted to a Client on the basis or any terms of a prospective Contract that are outside Policies, without first seeking appropriate approval in accordance with your Business’s delegated authority.
  • Your Business maintains a clear and documented Delegation of Authority in relation to who is authorised to accept terms with Clients, Suppliers or Subcontractors who can sign documents on behalf of the Business.
  • Your Business maintains a suite of Standard Terms and Conditions that can be adopted as a basis for the sale of Services to Clients or the procurement of services from Suppliers or Subcontractors.
  • Terms and conditions of Contracts are assessed and reviewed by officers and employees who have the relevant qualifications or experience to competently undertake the task.
  • Managers and senior officers in your Business have a good understanding of fundamental principles in Contracts, including essential elements of a Contract, liabilities, indemnities, damages, insurance and confidentiality.
  • Officers and Employees that are responsible for the administration or management of Contracts in your Business have a good understanding of fundamental principles such as variations, extensions of time, progress claims, claims for delay and prolongation so as to ensure your Business maximizes its returns.
  • Your Business has an internal website where Officers and Employees can easily access Policies, Procedures and documents related to Contracts with Clients, Suppliers and Subcontractors.
  • Your Business maintains a centralized repository of Contracts in both electronic and printed form.
  • Your Business maintains a register of obligations in relation to Confidentiality.
  • Your Business Procedures include a formal periodic review of the status of the Contract that is attended by appropriate Business representatives.
  • Your Business has a Legal or Contracts Department, but they are so stretched attending to day to day matters and they are not in a position look at the control, education and management aspect of the role, or they may not consider it to be a part of the role.

We can provide advice to address any areas for which you may have said ‘No’.

Even if you said “Yes” in certain areas there may be opportunity for us to review and bolster what is being done with the benefit of the experience that we have had over 30 years of dealing in Contracts in the Government Sector, Small Business, all the way to Major International Engineering, Consulting and Construction Companies

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